Blair Bitch Project x

Blair. 18. Alabama.
CrazyBrad <3

If someone needs to be killed, ya kill 'em.
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nothing better than having a vanilla coke on one side and your loved one on the other watching extensive amounts of true blood together. ^.^

btw, i’m mostly on

i guess you can say it’s my “main”. but i’ll still be here as well. xx

Healthy Livin’

This morning I woke up at sunrise, went to a park to walk/jog with my friend Lane, then we bought some super healthy snacks and ate a ballin’ ass breakfast. Then we even played a game of tennis. I felt super amazing. The only thing that would have better would be if I had my vape on me instead of my cancer sticks. We plan to do this 3 days a week at least. So hopefully i can drop the things for good. My body is already happy with me.Happy Body; Happy Mind.

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